True Love

Love is the lion that eats the buck.

The lion does not hate the buck. The lion is just so in love with the sense of living that it is driven to end the life of another creature merely to keep this sense alive. It is the ultimate act of love for itself, for the feeling of the ground under its feet, the air in its lungs and the sun on its back. The desire to perpetuate this supersedes everything, it will do anything, face any danger, take on any obstacle just to continue the sensation of living. The love is of its life.

On the other hand, human conscious love is transient. It passes and changes and does not remain constant. What you love today is gone tomorrow. Who you love today is gone tomorrow. The love that you have for your child is different to the love you have for a partner. How can they be different? How can love be two different things? It cant. You love the child as an extension of yourself but it is rarely the same love that you have for yourself. All that we know in this world to be true is what we are feeling right this second. It is the impression of the chair on your butt, the sounds that you have around you, the screen that you read this on. True love is the desire to perpetuate this, everything else is a altering construct of the mind.


Trans Atlantic Conveyor Slowing, Bees on the Endangered List, Methane and Soil Health

Trans Atlantic Conveyor Slowing, Bees on the Endangered List, Methane and Soil Health

Jason Sole covers the weeks news wrap up of some reports issued regarding the transatlantic conveyor. The conveyor or overturning current is what is responsible for moving warmth from the South to the North, the full article is available here: . We also cover the new study done on the effects of reduced tillage on soil health and retaining microbial presence. Full article available here:

The big news is Bees making the endangered species list, link here: and methane been under reported. Link here: