Chess and Life

Chess and life are remarkably similar. Sometimes even though it appears that you have moves you can make, checkmate is actually inevitable.

3 thoughts on “Chess and Life”

  1. Sounds like whoever is inevitably in checkmate should just end it all… now! Simply no point to living if checkmate is actually inevitable. (There goes my weekend!)

    The upside is that I’m going to share that with my kids because they should know that no matter what they do or how hard they try… they’re doomed! 😉

    1. Hi Recygirl,

      You were doomed from the moment you were born, all life ends at some point. Your position that you find yourself and how you adjust to that position is up to you but be sure that your decisions (should you actually have any) are subject to a result set. The good news is this. Checkmate is a projection of your worst fears and commonly the turn out to be not so bad. You spend so much time fearing for it and when it arrives it turned out to be just another day.

      Hope this response finds you well.

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