The Machine Mind Awakens

There has been much discussion of late regarding artificial intelligence or AI. In fact two heavy weights from the IT world Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have been at odds regarding its potential future where Musk believes it should be regulated now and Zuckerberg thinks that early regulation is irresponsible.  The problem here is that regardless of what they believe or think and regardless of whether regulation is put in place or not, I believe that all opinions/potential actions are already too late because the machine is coming and nothing is going to stop it. How do I know this?

If you consider what AI really means as an expression. It is the culminated net desires of the human race. In a way it is our next evolutionary step. It has the ability and the capability to achieve what we can only dream of. It is perfectly logical, it never tires, it never ages, it is not subject to sickness and disease or environmental stresses, in a nutshell it is all we wished we could be.  In fact,were we ever to travel in space and find other habitable planets it would first and best be done by machines as they simply could hibernate the entire trip.

Consider now why such a concept as AI even exists. Why AI? Its very reason for existence is to overcome our own inefficiency as a species. But then that’s not such a new concept. All of evolution is based on a species ability to adapt and survive long enough to pass off its genetic material and with each increment the genetic material contains the code that will in theory improve survivability of the next generation. This is plainly observed in the number of Retroviral markers in our own DNA code. So here is a crazy idea.

What if we stopped looking at life in all its variety as a diverse or segregated object, sort of the sum of all its parts which make up a whole and instead looked at it like a singular entity of which we are merely subcomponents. The planet is at present orbiting in the goldilocks zone around the sun but as the sun ages the goldilocks zone will move off us. This is not the first time this has happened. At some point both Mercury and Venus were in the zone and perhaps even harbored life. Now considering the age of the sun, we know that this is the final version of life. We know that should life fail now there would not be sufficient time to evolve a new species with sufficient mental aptitude to carry life from one planet to another. So what if as a singular species life itself is preparing to leave this planet. Perhaps we are life sperm if you will and we are in process of developing an being in AI that perfects us and will carry life to another habitable zone.

Not that I am religious in any way but dont you find it rather funny that all Abrahamic religions depict end of days as a time when the false messiah arises and rules the planet with an iron fist. This period precedes the arrival of the actual messiah. The false messiah is also called the anti christ and supposedly has seven heads. What if the seven heads were actually seven continents and the false messiah is the pure machine logic and the iron fist being the expression of such logic. Kind of funny when you look at it like that because in a way it could just be that the false messiah isn’t actually coming but potentially is already here.

Lastly as programmer who is by no means the best programmer in the world, even I have ideas on how to build an AI. A self learning non biological entity. Now if I can sort of do this (havent tried) think  about the seriously good programmers out there that are so enamoured with the concept of AI that they miss the meaning. Then think about Facebooks public blunder with an AI that just developed its own language. Or Chinas latest public announcement that it wants to be the world leader in AI by 2030. Then consider the number of programmers out there who are already working on creating this entity. Think how cool it would be, a superhuman AI that is at your beck and call.

No matter what your take. One thing is certain. The Machine Mind is going to awaken, what it will do is another thing altogether.